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What is Grower grit?

Grit is an insoluble crushed granite that is used to aid in poultry digestion.

Do my chickens need grit?

Chickens don't have teeth to chew their food. When a chicken eats something, their ingested food travels first to the chicken's crop and then moves down to the gizzard to be broken down for digestion. The grit aides in breaking down food in the chicken's gizzard.

Growing chickens need a larger size grit than starter grit, but a smaller size than a layer grit. This is the grit thats perfect for 'chicken teenagers'!

Chickens in a pasture-fed situation will naturally pick up small stones (aka the grit) and won't need a grit feed supplement. Grit should be offered as a free feed supplement in a separate feeder to a flock in an urban environment or small coop set up. Should be used in addition with a well balanced, nutritional feed.

The plastic bag that the grit comes packaged in is biodegradable. 

This grit is designed for growing hens. Chicks and laying pullets require a different size.