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The CityChick Urban Coop Tour!

Chickens in Atlanta are a big deal! 

We are so excited to share with you our CityChick urban coop tour. We are taking you on a virtual our of Atlanta area chicken coops so you can be inspired for your next chicken project. The chicken coops on our tour come in all shapes and sizes and you'll learn something new from each one. Plus, each one of our backyard chicken keepers shares their secrets on what it takes to raise a happy and healthy flock of chickens. 

If you have have chickens in Atlanta and want your coop featured on our tour, reach out to us at with your name and a picture of your coop and you could be featured on an upcoming tour!

The Wylde Center Double Coop tour:
Thanks to our friends Taffany and Kristy from the Wylde Center for giving this amazing double chicken coop tour. You won't "bee-lieve" what's in the chicken run of one of the chicken coops! Click the photo to get started!

The "is this the most beautiful chicken coop in Atlanta" tour:
Long time CityChick customers, Julia and Rex have built an amazing chicken coop that is not only beautiful but also functional at the same time. Their coop has a cool feature that I've never seen on any other chicken coop. You'll want to take some notes for this one, Julia and Rex have some great tips for you!

The celebrity chicken coop tour:
You've heard Reec on the radio on HOT 107.9 and he's the popular host of the BlackyardChickenz podcast. Reec is someone that started with only a couple of chickens and then went full scale small farm complete with ducks and a couple of pot bellied pigs. You don't want to miss this tour and the interview afterwards!

More chicken coop tours coming soon! 

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