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Crushed Oyster Shell Product - 3 lb package. Buy 2 get 1 free! Read below for instructions for discount.

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Did you know that chickens lose calcium from their bodies every time they lay an egg? Older hens will often pull calcium from their bone reserves in order to help develop stronger egg shells. Your flock may not be getting the calcium that they need from their layer feed. 

  • Supplement your hen's diet with crushed oyster shells to help provide extra calcium.
  • Can be provided in a separate feeder for free choice for the hens to consume or added directly to the feed. 
  • Can be used with ducks as well!

Buy 2 packages of crushed oyster shell and receive one free!

  • To receive the buy two get one free offer - place three crushed oyster shells into the cart. Discount will be applied at checkout.
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