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Chicken First Aid Kit from CityChick - First Aid kit for backyard chicken owners

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Don't let this happen to you......

I went out to the coop one day to let my chickens out to free range, and I noticed that one of my hens was acting 'off'. Her tail was drooped, she was lethargic, and she was keeping to herself. I thought she might be egg bound, a condition where a hen can't pass an egg out of her body. 

I didn't have the supplies to give her the suggested epsom salt bath and vaseline treatment needed. So I quickly jumped in the car and picked up the necessary supplies. I came home and ran the water for her epsom salt bath. I soaked her for 20 minutes, placed on my latex gloves and used the vaseline. After a moment that was uncomfortable for us both - I could tell that she had an egg inside of her. She soaked a little while longer and I placed her in one of our pullet playpens in the garage with some food and electrolytes in her water. The next day she laid an egg and she was back to her old self.

What I learned was that I wasn't prepared for an emergency for my backyard flock. I have dealt with dog attacks, egg bound issues, sick chickens and more. I decided to create a first aid kit that would help you out in times of an emergency. 

Be prepared with the chicken First Aid Kit from CityChick!

Our chicken first aid kid is packed full of the essentials for your backyard chickens in case of a flock emergency.

There are 15 different items packed into this First Aid kit for chickens! Have everything that you'll need in one convenient kit. 

Included in the standard kit:

  • Hen Healer - Multi purpose ointment. Temporarily protects and helps support healing of minor cuts, lacerations, scrapes, and sores. Creates a barrier to insects and dirt.
  • VetRx - Veterinary Aid - Can be used on sick hens or applied to combs, wattle, or beak. VetRx Poultry Remedy aids in the treatment of respiratory problems in all varieties of poultry, including bantams, ducks, turkeys, geese, and game birds. Effective relief for colds, scaly legs, and and eye worm. VetRx Poultry Remedy contains Canada balsam, camphor, oil origanum, and oil rosemary, blended in a corn oil base.
  • 3 packets of Electrolytes - used in times of stress. Common stressors include: rapid temperature swings, handling and transportation, predators, exposure to and recovery from illness. Contains vitamins needed for growth, development, maintenance, and reproduction. 
  • Epsom Salt (1 lb) - create an Epsom Salt bath for your hen. Can be used to help a hen recover from messy bottom feathers to helping a hen that is suffering from being egg bound. 
  • Vaseline (1.75 ounces) - used with helping a hen that is egg bound. Also, can be used on a chicken's comb in the winter.
  • Bandage wrap -   assists with keeping wounds clean and protecting from infection.
  • 1 package of 2 sterile three-inch gauze dressing pads - assists with keeping wounds clean and protecting from infection.
  • Scissors - to cut the bandage wrap with
  • Tweezers - to help clean any foreign debris.
  • Saline Solution (set of two) - to rinse out your chicken's eye in case of an eye infection.
  • Cotton Swabs (set of two) - to help clean any wounds.
  • Oral 3 ml plastic droppers - for dosing medications or vitamins to your bird.
  • Pair of latex gloves - if you have ever treated an egg bound chicken - you know what these are good for. The gloves are packaged in a biodegradable bag that can be used to discard unwanted items later. 
  • General chicken emergency care info card - a general "best practices' list in case you have a chicken emergency.
  • Blank vet contact form - write down your vet's contact name and number on this. This will also help your chicken sitter in case of an emergency.

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The chicken first aid kit makes the perfect gift for any backyard chicken lover in your life!

The CityChick first aid kit is not meant to replace the expert opinion of your local friendly chicken vet. If your chicken is extremely sick or injured please contact your local vet immediately. 

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA