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Medicated vs organic chick starter feed - which starter feed is right for you?

You've made the decision to raise baby chicks. And you're getting ready to bring the cute little fluffballs home and you're getting everything ready to go before their arrival. You've got a decision to make about what kind of starter feed that your chicks will enjoy. Chick starter feed can be broken down into two categories. Medicated chick starter and non medicated chick starter. 

What is a medicated chick starter feed?
Medicated chick starter feed contains the ingredient called Amprolium. Amprolium is not an anitbiotic. Amprolium is used to prevent coccidiosis in poultry. Coccidiosis is a common intestinal disease that can be deadly to baby chicks. The coccidia parasite needs thiamine to reproduce. Amprolium helps to block the uptake of thiamine, essentially starving the parasite. Amprolium is approved by the FDA and has no withdrawal time for either egg or meat production.

Medicated chick starter feed should only be used to help prevent Coccidiosis. Medicated chick starter should NOT be used to treat Cocci. If your chicks develop Cocci, you'll need a product called Corid to treat.

Do not use a medicated chick starter feed if your chicks have been vaccinated for Coccidiosis. 

What is a non medicated chick starter feed?
A non medicated chick starter feed simply doesn't contain Amprolium. If you choose to go with a non medicated chick starter feed, there are some some steps that you can take to help prevent an outbreak of Coccidiosis in your flock:
  • Keep your brooder clean and dry. Cocci thrives in wet, dirty conditions.
  • Keep your feeders and poultry drinkers clean.
  • Avoid overcrowding your birds. Lots of chicks equal lots of poop and Cocci can spread quickly. 
Whether you make the decision to go with a medicated chick starter feed or with a organic chick starter, CityChick has you covered with the best feed choices for your flock. And we will deliver to your door! For more information about our delivery program click here.