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Keeping chickens in Atlanta - our CityChick chicken keeper spotlight!

CityChick is proud to feature some of Atlanta's amazing backyard chicken keepers with our chicken keeper spotlight!

This month's chicken keeper got started with three chickens in 2012. Of course chicken math happened (it happens to us all) and now she has 15 beautiful chickens and 2 coops. She's a great representative of the backyard chicken community and I'm thrilled that she is sharing her experience with us! 

Say hello to Alexis!
CityChick chicken keeper of the month                                                                             (Alexis with one of her beautiful chickens)

How long have you been keeping chickens? 
My husband and I started raising chickens in 2012, though to be honest it started as his project that I helped with on the side. We started with 3 cinnamon queen pullets that we got at a farmer's market and never looked back. About 4 years ago, it switched where I became the lead (ahem Crazy Chicken Lady) and now he just helps.  And of course since I took over, things have gotten a bit more.... "extra" than it used to be haha.

Alexis's husband
                                                                                      (Alexis's husband in the coop!)

What's your favorite thing about keeping chickens?  
First and foremost, they are just so interesting and funny.  I could and do spend hours just watching them.  Each has their own personality, their own quirks, dynamics between them, etc.  There's nothing better than hanging out with the flock on a beautiful day and for sure they're some of the best pick-me-ups on harder days.  I also love that chickens have been a never-ending source of learning for me.  Whether it's learning to improve their environment or their health, understand their anatomy or their fluctuating social dynamics, etc.  It's a great education. 

Speaking of education, I'm so grateful to teach our daughter (age 4) more about where food comes from, to have an appreciation of what it takes to put food on our plates, and where to place gratitude when we sit at the table together for a meal. 
CityChick chicken keeper of the month
                                                                         (Someone is 'eggcited' about seeing the chickens!)

My cup overflows when she puts on her egg apron and gets excited to collect eggs, help scoop poop, and give treats to our feathered friends.  Lastly, of course, is their eggs.  Not only are they delicious (I just can't even order eggs at restaurants anymore, they're tasteless in comparison), but my goal has been to create a rainbow.  Something about the variety of colors in the carton brings me so much joy.  And when I give eggs away, there's a great pride I take in the beautiful, healthful, and delicious eggs that are received with a big smile.  

CityChick chicken keeper of the month
                                                                               (Look at all those beautiful, backyard fresh eggs!)
How many chickens do you have?
We currently have 8 adults and 7 pullets that we'll be introducing together soon.  Of those 15, only 2 are the same breed (silkies).  A far cry from the 3 sisters we started with! 

CityChick chicken keeper of the month                                                                                    (Alexis's flock enjoying a fun treat)

How do you help your chickens deal with the Summer heat?
Our coop is strategically placed in the shade and has plenty of ventilation.  They always have access to plenty of clean water.  They free range from about 11am until dusk and when it's hot I see them relaxing in dust baths under our coop and shed (both are lifted off the ground). 

On very hot days, I spoil them with frozen treats like muffin tins filled with veggies, fruit, and water to make little chicken popsicles, put out cold watermelon, or the like.  But honestly, that's more because I think it's fun, they'd be fine as long as there's plenty of shade, water, and ventilation.  
CityChick chicken keeper of the month
                                        (Alexix's coop has lots of ventilation that helps keep her chickens cool in the Summer months.)
What's your favorite product(s) from CityChick that help with your flock?
Oh gosh, how do I pick just one?!  Without CityChick, I'd struggle.  Since I can't choose just one, I'll name all of my favorites.  For regular maintenance: hemp bedding, New Country Organics Crumble, and DoGood Grubs.  For one-time purchases: the automated door we got and Heath installed is a game changer.  Also, the chicken tractor is what we have raised the pullets in and the big girls have been exposed to them for a few weeks through the run.  It's designed so well, very durable so I know it'll last, and quite easy to clean and move.  We intend to use it for new pullets in the future as well as our quarantine spot.   

CityChick chicken keeper of the month
                                                                                       (What a beautiful White Sultan!)

What advice would you give to any new chicken keeper?
Keep a growth mindset.  You'll learn and experiment throughout the journey and that's ok.  Know what your goals for keeping chickens are and what your limits are, so you're prepared with a plan for when things happen like illness.  Make sure your coop is very predator proof - hardware cloth is necessary.  Leverage the vast knowledge of experienced chicken keepers through social media groups, local communities, and your own exploratory research online and on YouTube.
CityChick chicken keeper of the month
                                                                                    ("Hey human! Where are the treats?")
Thank you so much to Alexis for sharing your chicken keeping story with the community! 
Do you keep chickens in Atlanta or do you know of a chicken keeper that would like to be featured? Let us know at! We're always looking for great backyard chicken keepers!

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