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Keeping chickens in Atlanta - CityChick's chicken keeper spotlight!!

Why do you keep chickens? Is it for the delicious, fresh eggs? Or for the endless entertainment value that chickens can provide? This month's spotlighted chicken keeper wanted her kids to learn how to care for living things at a young age. She's been keeping chickens in Atlanta for almost a decade. She was recently featured in the Discovery+ series HomeGrown as a backyard chicken expert.

Please say hello to Amanda! 

CityChick Chicken keeper spotlight                                           (Amanda, Atlanta chicken keeper extraordinaire!)

Who is Amanda in a tweet?
I'm a nature lover, chicken whisperer, wannabe gardner, bird nerd, avid bookworm.... enjoying life in Atlanta. 

CityChick chicken keeper spotlight                                    (Amanda and her daughter holding one of their roosters)

How long have you been keeping chickens?
I've been keeping chickens since 2013, so 9 years! My kids were really young and I wanted to teach them about caring for a living thing, as well as the circle of life and where food comes from. (just eggs!) It has been an invaluable lesson for them over the years. My older daughter, Sarah, is incredibly skilled with chicken keeping and her knowledge of wildlife is very extensive. I joke that she is Snow White. Birds and deer just flock to her.

Chicken keeper spotlight                                          (Doesn't this look like a scene out of Snow White?) 

How did you get started in chickens? 
We bought our home in 2011 and it was on two beautiful acres. I knew right away there was a purpose for this property. Two years later we had our first flock. Learned a heck of a lot that first year. Talk about trial and error! I read books, Googled everything and asked millions of questions. Chicken owning is not picture perfect like on TV. It's been joyful and also very difficult, as any chicken owner would understand. But the reward is in the day to day, seeing the flock thrive and the positive impact on my family.

CityChick chicken keeper                                      (Amanda's beautiful flock enjoying some free range time.)

What's your favorite thing about keeping chickens? 

You might think the eggs are a favorite part, which they are great, but honestly, I love all the chickens personalities. Like humans, they are born with unique traits and it's so fun watching them interact with one another. Some are sweet and tender and others are fiesty and bossy! Our diva is an Olive Egger we named Gingersnap. I think we put up with her attitude because she lays a gorgeous green egg. Lol! 

CityChick chicken keeper spotlight                              (One of Amanda's Buff Orpingtons being a great momma hen!)

How many chickens do you have? 
We currently have 19 chickens, 2 of which are roosters. That number can fluctuate since we allow our flock to free range daily. As a bird lover, I have a love-hate relationship with hawks. The most chickens we've had at one time is 25. I really love having a variety of breeds and different color eggs. We added silkies recently and they are such a joy to have around!

CItyChick chicken keeper spotlight                                (From a clip in the t.v. show "HomeGrown" on Discovery Plus)

You were recently featured in a new television show called HomeGrown on Discovery+ as a local chicken expert. What was that experience like? 

My family and I had so much fun being a part of Home Grown. Myself and my daughter are briefly featured on Season 2, episode 2. The producer asked me to step in as their chicken "expert". I really enjoyed helping the family on the show learn about chicken keeping and being prepared to care for baby chicks. It was really fun to see the behind the scenes of TV magic. I hope I made my chicken community proud!

CityChick chicken keeper spotlight                                  (One of Amanda's chicken coops inside the protected run.)

What advice would you give to any new chicken keeper?

I always tell new chicken owners and anyone interested in getting chickens to first visit someone with chickens before getting them. I also tell new owners to build your coop larger than you think you should. I heard this saying, "Chickens are like chips, you can't have just one." It's very true! Chickens seem to multiply, so prepare yourself in advance to have room for them because you will expand, it's not a matter of if, but when! Also, have a chicken first aid kit on hand. I have one that I've added products to over the years and it's helped save many chickens lives!

What is your favorite product(s) from CityChick that help with your flock?
I absolutely love the New Country Organic feed I buy from City Chick. I know it's providing my flock with the perfect balance of minerals and nutrients. I also love the hemp bedding, once I tried it, I will only use that for the coop. It is great at absorbing moisture and eliminating smells! 

You can watch Amanda's episode of HomeGrown on the Discovery+ network. There's a 7 day free trial by clicking here! Amanda's episode "Nurture" is on season 2, episode 2. 

Thank you so much to Amanda for sharing your chicken keeping story with the community! 

Know of someone that keeps chickens in Atlanta that would like to be featured? Let us know at! We're always looking for great backyard chicken keepers!

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