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Premium 3 Hen Monthly Rental Package



Our premium three hen rental package offers you the same great features of our standard three hen rental plus some amazing upgrades! We take most of the work out of the chicken experience so you can focus on enjoying the hens and the delicious fresh eggs!

Features of the premium rental package:

  • Secured chicken tractor. No more pulling the ramp up in the evenings or down in the mornings! Critters won't be able to dig underneath the tractor to get to the feed.
  • Weekend cleanings. We will come out to your backyard every weekend during the monthly rental to clean out the shavings. 
  • One bag of premium chicken treats for your chickens to enjoy for the month.
  • Organic veggies every week for your hens to snack on.
  • Cypress mulch placed inside the coop and run to provide a natural environment for the chickens to scratch and peck on.
  • Free coop delivery and pick up in the metro Atlanta area.
  • One 50 lb bag of soy-free, organic feed is included in the price.

Questions regarding the premium chicken rental package?

Call us at 470-375-9969.