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Heated Pet Bowl - 5 Quart from Allied Precision


$29.95 Regular price $32.99
Tired of your chicken's water freezing over? Hate running out to your coop during freezing cold temperatures to make sure that your chickens have fresh water?

This heated 5-quart pet bowl is a great cold-weather solution for your flock. 
  • Keeps water ice-free
  • Tip proof design
  • Enables the consumer to remove the heating element after the winter season, which allows year-round use.
  • Six-foot power cord with protector
  • Round shape for easy cleaning
  • Waterproof wiring box
  • 50 Watts, thermostatically controlled with foam insulation for energy efficiency.
  • Bowl is nestable, and the cord is coiled and secured to the bottom of the Bowl for a neat shelf appearance