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Goat Mineral - 50 lb bag



Goat mineral - certified organic

New Country Organic's organic high copper mineral boosts animal performance by helping the body resist parasites and other common ailments. Kelp is a nutrient-dense product that supports hormone balance, lactation, and gestation


Goat mineral is to be fed as a free-choice mineral and vitamin supplement. The average intake should be 1 to 4 ounces per head per day, depending upon the mineral requirements of the animal.

* Healthy Minerals for Goats.

* 2:1 calcium/phosphorus ratio. One-third kelp.

* Certified Organic

* Comes in a 50 lb Bag

Warnings WARNING: This product contains copper in an amount that may be toxic to sheep. DO NOT FEED TO SHEEP.

Calcium, maximum - 9.50%. Calcium, minimum - 8.50%. Phosphorous, minimum - 4.00%. Salt, maximum - 12.00%. Salt, minimum - 11.00% Magnesium, minimum - 3.00% Copper (PPM), minimum - 3000.