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3 Hen Rental Package


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Due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, we've seen a large spike in the number of people that are interested in our backyard chicken rentals. We are currently operating on a waitlist. To be placed on our waitlist, please email us at Thank you for your patience as we navigate this difficult time.

We've made a few changes to how we deliver the rental packages during this crisis. We will practice the CDC recommended guidelines of social distancing. We will also ask that only one person be present for the chickens 101 class. Don't worry! We will provide you with a handout and we are always accessible by e-mail with any chicken-related questions.  

We even made a YouTube video to help you get prepared for the hen's arrival:

Have you ever had the dream of collecting your own backyard fresh eggs, but didn't want the commitment of owning chickens? Try renting your first flock, and start enjoying fresh eggs from your backyard!
Why rent?
Did you know that chickens can live to be 8 years plus? Before making a long-term commitment, try renting your flock to find out if its right for you.
*Our 6ft cedar custom run now comes included with the cost of the monthly rental! 
Picking out the right coop can take up a lot of time (trust us on this one). And building your coop can be costly. Our chicken tractor is the perfect fit for any size backyard.
No need to worry about what kind of chickens to pick out. We have selected hens that are good layers, and that do well in the Georgia climate.
Skip the time-consuming chick process, and go straight to the egg-laying hens!
We provide continual support in case anything should happen during the rental. 
Our monthly rental package includes:
One of our custom cedar built coops. Constructed to keep your flock safe!
3 friendly hens
Pine shavings to use in the nesting area
"Intro to urban chickens" class when we deliver
Continual support during the rental period.
Crushed Oyster shell to provide extra calcium for strong egg shells!
6 ft custom built cedar run. Extra space for the hens to scratch and peck around while you are at work.
Container to store the feed in.
Delivery to the metro Atlanta area only.
Chickens not for you? No problem - we will pick them back up.
Contact us at to get started with your rental!