Grubblies 5 lb Treat Tank refill

Grubblies 5 lb Treat Tank refill

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Already own the awesome Grubbly Farms 5 lb treat tank? 

Refill it with the 5 lb Grubblies refill!

We use Grubblies on an almost daily basis around CityChick HQ. Its an easy way to get the chickens back in the coop before dark.

Grubblies are dried black soldier fly larvae grown on a diet of preconsumer food waste. They are grown right here in the USA and are the most eco-friendly protein you can feed your chicken. Grubblies, or black soldier fly larvae, are a natural food source for your chickens and are rich in calcium and lysine, important in egg and feather production. 

Nutritional Analysis

  • 35% Protein (min)
  • 25% Fat (min)
  • 3% Calcium