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CityChick "DoGood" Grubs - 8 oz bag of Dried Black Soldier Fly larvae


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NEW for 2021!

CityChick "DoGood" Grubs are the perfect, nutritional snack for your feathered friends. "Do good" for your chickens by giving them a healthy treat that you can feel great about while you "do good" for the planet!

"DoGood" for your chickens:
Dried black soldier fly larvae contain up to 50% more calcium than mealworms! The extra calcium boost found in the black soldier fly larvae will help your chickens produce nice strong eggshells! Did you know that chicken feathers are 90% protein? DoGood Grubs are packed with feather building protein. 

Chickens LOVE to eat bugs! Chickens are omnivores. Supplement your chicken's diet with some DoGood Grubs to help satisfy their natural instinct!

DoGood Grubs from CityChick are sourced from the United States. No need to worry about where your chicken's treat came from. 

"DoGood" for the planet:

Almost every poultry treat on the market comes in a plastic bag. Most of those plastic bags will end up in a landfill where the bag can take several years to break down. After your chickens finish their CityChick "DoGood" Grubs, simply toss your bag into the compost bin or into the trash. You'll feel great knowing that you've helped the planet after your chickens enjoyed their treats.

CityChick DoGood Grubs are black soldier fly larvae that are cultivated from pre-consumer, animal feed-grade food waste. Instead of going to a landfill, food waste is collected from grocery stores, restaurants, and food production facilities. The black soldier flies are harvested from this landfill-bound food waste.​

Black soldier fly larvae feed on this typically landfill-bound food waste and are then harvested and dried to preserve as many of the nutritive properties as possible. One pound of black soldier fly larvae can keep up to 10 pounds of food waste from going to a landfill! 

*May contain small amounts of melon and or winter squash seeds. These seeds are safe for your chickens to eat. 

Directions for feeding:
CityChick DoGood Grubs are a treat and should be used along with a complete feed. In general, two tablespoons or a small handful per chicken a day is recommended. A one-pound bag will generally last a small flock of 3- 4 chickens one month.